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Canon CP-100 Printer Driver

Ink for Canon CP printer. Huge range of Canon printer cartridges. Free delivery & award winning customer service at Cartridge Save. See CP or CP user guide. Install the necessary software. ➀ Install ZoomBrowser EX into your computer. ➁ Install the printer driver into your computer. Detailed review of the Canon CP Card Photo Printer. Links to sample pictures and data sheet.

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Canon CP-100 Printer Driver

A dark silver, metal top crowns the CP, contributing to a sleek overall appearance. A power button with LED lamp and cooling fan vent are the only features on top of the printer. The bottom of the CP is smooth and flat, with just four little rubbery feet to protect surfaces. Canon CP-100 Printer

Canon CP-100 Printer 64 BIT Driver

Operation and User Interface The CP connects directly to most Canon digital cameras, allowing you to control the printer from the camera itself. Once the camera is connected, Canon CP-100 Printer the paper cassette and ink cartridge are loaded, you can print either by accessing the camera's DPOF print settings menu, or by printing images one at a time directly from the camera's playback mode.

You can print either individual photo prints, multiple copies of an image on small stickers, or an index print showing all the photos currently in your camera. Canon CP-100 Printer

You can also choose either bordered or borderless prints, and whether or not to show the date and time each photo was captured as an overlay on the prints. It literally took me less than five minutes to hook up the printer, set up a print, and pull out the first printed image. Canon CP-100 Printer sure that you have the printer on Canon CP-100 Printer fairly clean surface while printing, as any pet hair, dust, etc.

One issue with the whole "print right from the Canon CP-100 Printer concept is that the relatively sparse set of controls on the camera make it difficult to implement a user interface with the level of polish and sophistication not to mention features that's possible in a software program running on a PC.

That said, I think Canon did an excellent job with the user interface for the CP when being controlled from one of their cameras.

Canon CP-100 for direct 4x6 inch prints

Canon CP-100 Printer The screenshots below are from the PowerShot S Canon CP-100 Printer you connect the printer to the camera, the camera's playback screen indicates the camera's presence with a little icon in the upper left-hand corner of its LCD screen, as shown above. As suggested by the icon, pressing the camera's "Set" button takes you to a screen that lets you set options and print quantity for the currently-displayed photo.

You can choose bordered or borderless prints, and also whether or not to include a time stamp on each photo, showing when it was shot. This lets you use the camera's Print Order menu to set up a complete print order in advance, including varying quantities of each photo you want printed.

When the printer is connected to the camera, an extra "Print" option is added to the camera's main Print Order screen, as shown above. Selecting Print Canon CP-100 Printer the entire print order to be sent to the printer without further manual intervention. Output The CP prints via a four-pass, thermal dye-sublimation process, laying down yellow, magenta, and cyan before layering a clear protective coating over the final image.

Images are output at x dpi resolution. Canon CP-100 Printer may sound low, compared to the dpi of many inkjet printers, but Canon CP-100 Printer in mind that each of these dpi print pixels is full-color, continuous-tone, so there's no "dithering" involved. The result is very sharp prints, easily the equal of standard photographic 4x6 photos of the sort you'd get from your film camera.

Canon SELPHY CP - SELPHY Compact Photo Printers - Canon South Africa

The Canon CP-100 Printer can print one image to a page, as many as eight small images to a sheet of stickers, or up to 36 tiny thumbnails on a single "index" page. The maximum printable area with borders is 4. Paper sizes include Postcard, "L-size" 4. In addition to the standard photo paper, Canon offers label paper stock in the Credit Card size, for printing either full sized labels or eight tiny individual stickers.

Digital Camera Printer Review: Canon CP Card Photo Printer Review

Canon CP-100 Printer Print speeds range from 81 seconds for a Standard Postcard-sized print without borders, to 40 seconds for a Multiple Credit Card-sized print. I timed a Postcard-sized borderless Canon CP-100 Printer, and it came in at exactly 80 seconds, so Canon's times look to be right on the money. The Standard Postcard-sized paper has micro-perforations at either end, to facilitate borderless printing.

Canon CP-100 Printer Driver PC

When you select the borderless option, the printer will enlarge the image to "bleed" over the edges of the sheet slightly. You can adjust the cropping top and bottom slightly through the camera's user interface. After printing the image, both ends of the sheet snap off to leave you with Canon CP-100 Printer print that's borderless on all four sides.

Canon SELPHY CP1000

Print quality from the CP is very good. Colors seemed very accurate Canon CP-100 Printer true, saturation levels were very appropriate, and I didn't see any significant weakness in any part of the color spectrum. As noted above, the photos are very sharp as well, easily the equal of standard 4x6 drugstore prints. While I didn't do any formal comparisons, the tonal range of the prints looks very good, too.

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Blacks are very dark although perhaps not quite as dark as standard photo prints, or prints from the best inkjet printersand highlight detail is Canon CP-100 Printer. You can pretty well count on the printer faithfully reproducing anything that your camera is capable of capturing in the first place.

Drivers Canon CP-100 Printer

One advantage Canon CP-100 Printer most inkjet prints is that the CP's output is very water resistant. Since there aren't any water-soluble inks involved and a protective overcoat as wellyou don't have to Canon CP-100 Printer about an idle drop of water spoiling your photos. I actually put a print under running water, soaking both sides for a minute or so, just to see what the effect would be.

Canon CP-100 Printer The printer's resolution is x dpi, more than adequate for a crisply detailed postcard sized image from any 2 megapixel or greater camera, or for credit card size prints from 1. The dye sublimation color process is a continuous tone printing system Canon CP-100 Printer renders subtle shadings and realistic colors. The printer also covers each print with a clear, protective overcoating that protects it from the effects of sunlight and weather.

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