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Pentax Optio 330 Driver

Thank you for buying the Pentax Optio Digital Camera. Please read Images taken using the Optio that are for anything other than personal enjoyment. IN-DEPTH review of the Pentax Optio GS digital camera, with actual sample images, and a detailed data ted Retail Price‎: ‎$ The Optio is an ultra-compact well-featured digital camera. Looking through its feature list is an indication of how fast this area of.

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Pentax Optio 330 Driver

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Additionally, the OptioGS features Auto bracketing, giving you a range of results to choose from. Achieve exactly the results you desire Pentax Optio 330 taking control of a combination of functions.

Capture evening or night scenes with clarity and add detail to the foreground wherever necessary. During long exposures, the OptioGS also has a noise reduction function which activates automatically.

Pentax Optio 330 GS

The OptioGS has the ability to record up to 30 seconds of video at 15 frames per second, with X recorded pixels. Macintosh machines running operating systems, which came with QuickTime 4.

Auto bracketing A highly convenient function that allows you to take shots that vary Pentax Optio 330, white balance, sharpness, saturation, and contrast in three steps for optimal results. Self-timer The OptioGS has a convenient self-timer function, allowing you to get in the frame with friends or take a self-portrait as you would with a regular film camera.

Continuous shooting capability Sometimes one shot is not quite enough to capture all the action. Fortunately the OptioGS offers continuous shooting, allowing you to take shot after shot by simply holding Pentax Optio 330 the shutter button. There's also Infinity-landscape mode, which lets you capture stunning landscapes and scenery, even when you are shooting through windows.

Digital Cameras - Pentax Optio Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

Manual focusing Focus can be matter of personal taste. That's why the OptioGS offers Pentax Optio 330 versatility of manual focus. It allows you to view composition on the LCD monitor while choosing the exact degree of focus you desire.

Pentax Optio 330 Last

The OptioGS even allows you to zoom in on one part of the shot in order to achieve pin-sharp focus. Histogram display lower right A graph that alters as the light levels and tonal Pentax Optio 330 in the Pentax Optio 330 changes, or if the exposure is changed. This is very useful for achieving the correct exposure and good tonal range.

Display off No shooting information is displayed, just the autofocusing frame.

Pentax Optio 330 Windows 8 X64

The screen has a thick plastic cover which is easy to wipe clean and resists dust well. However care should be taken Pentax Optio 330 the camera is placed down on its back as the LCD sticks out from the camera, and could easily become scratched. Image quality Looking through the features this camera has, its price and the three megapixel resolution it is fair to expect a lot in terms of picture quality.

Although we weren't disappointed, neither were we very impressed, the quality being only slightly better than average overall. The pictures below show the Pentax Optio 330 different settings for sharpness you can set.

Pentax Optio 330 Digital Camera Review

The [Soft] setting Pentax Optio 330 detail while the [Hard] setting is too aggressive at sharpening Pentax Optio 330 picture, so overall you will probably want to stick with the [Normal] setting. It's always best to preview your images on the LCD screen before thinking you have the perfect shot. An option for displaying the last taken image for a selected amount of time as soon as the picture is taken is useful to see if the photo has come out as you intended, though you can't actually zoom in this mode like you can in playback mode.

The camera offers a manual focus mode, but it is not very easy or effective to use because no distance guides are provided.

Pentax Optio 330 Windows 8 X64

Also, unlike some other digital cameras, no LCD zoom is available to check if the correct focus is being achieved before you take the shot. In Manual exposure mode, the up and down keys adjust the aperture setting, while the left and right keys Pentax Optio 330 the shutter speed.

Pentax Optio GS: Digital Photography Review

In Playback mode, the left and right keys scroll through captured images on the memory card. Nestled in the center of Pentax Optio 330 Four Way Arrow pad, this button confirms menu selections in any mode. In Playback mode, pressing this button during image review displays a nine-image thumbnail index display.

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