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Pentax K-01 Camera Driver

: Pentax K Mirrorless Digital Camera, Yellow (Body only): Compact System Digital Cameras: Camera & Photo. The Pentax K Camera Review - Design Masterpiece or Design Disaster? Before I start writing my thoughts down on this camera I want to. The 16MP Pentax K is a camera that's likely to polarize opinion at first glance. Its bulky cuboid design is an inevitable consequence of having a full-depth  Sensor size‎: ‎APS-C ( x mm).

Driver UPDATE: Pentax K-01 Camera

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Pentax K-01 Camera Driver

New Drivers: Pentax K-01 Camera

Those 12 months saw parent company Hoya offload Pentax to Ricoh, while the brand managed Pentax K-01 Camera launch just four compact cameras and the ill-conceived Q mirrorless camera over that same period. So any camera that was designed to put Pentax back on the map after a tough year Pentax K-01 Camera to be a bit special.

PENTAX K-01 - Overview

The Pentax K, though, was Pentax K-01 Camera for all the wrong reasons. Let's start with the, shall we say, challenging looks — this was a camera that only a mother could love. I can remember seeing leaked close-up shots of the camera on various rumors sites, Pentax K-01 Camera nothing quite prepared me, or the rest of photography press that had gathered at the camera's official launch, for what we were about to see.

You could be forgiven for thinking that this childlike, boxy design was the work of a frustrated Fisher Price toy designer, but it was in fact the work of Pentax K-01 Camera celebrated industrial designer Marc Newson.

The body consists of clean and simple lines, creating an elegant graphical composition whilst preserving all the functions of a professional camera. What's weird, though, is that during the whole product development process no one piped up and Pentax K-01 Camera 'Doesn't this look a bit naff? Surely, though, if it was a mirrorless camera it shouldn't have been so bulky? The large size is mostly because of the K's use of the K lens mount, which instantly makes the new system compatible with Pentax lenses, 21 of which have been designed specifically for digital cameras.

The K doesn't rely on an adapter to fit the K-mount lenses, unlike Sony's NEX range and the A-mount lenses or the Olympus PEN and the full-size Micro Four Thirds lenses, Pentax K-01 Camera in turn means that the body has to be larger and deeper to Pentax K-01 Camera the physically bigger mount and maintain the backfocus distance. Pentax K-01 Camera you're looking for a small and lightweight camera, the K isn't it - indeed, this is one of the biggest and heaviest mirrorless camera bodies released to date.

Warranty & Support

As soon as you pick the K up, though, you can instantly tell that it's a serious camera, feeling very solid indeed, due to the stainless-steel alloy frame. The right and left sides of the camera are wrapped in a a grooved, textured rubber, with a slight Pentax K-01 Camera on one side forming the hand-grip that enabled me to use three fingers to hold Pentax K-01 Camera and my right forefinger to operate the shutter button. There is just a smooth, bare area where your right thumb sits, with the rest of the body finished in a textured matt black.

Front Rear From the front the K has a pleasingly sparse, almost simplistic look, with only the metal lens mount, tiny AF assist lamp and the infrared remote port in the Pentax K-01 Camera interrupting its clean lines. The K has single, face detection, and tracking AF options, with the ability to select focus points automatically or manually or fixed to the centre point.

The face detection system can identify up to 16 faces within the image frame. Interestingly the K offers a Focus Peaking option when manual focusing.

Pentax K-01

This outlines your main subject in an increasingly brighter white outline the closer you get to setting the focus correctly - very useful for manual focus users. Rising up from the top-left of the K's lens mount is a vertical barrel that cosmetically supports Pentax K-01 Camera Shooting Mode dial on top of the camera. On top of the Pentax K is a small button for opening the pop-up flash, which also Pentax K-01 Camera as the image delete button. The flash sits behind the lens, has a guide number of 12 meters at ISO and extends quite high above the lens to help minimise red-eye.

Pentax K Review Photography Blog

Behind is a flash hotshoe which accepts a compatible external flashgun. Note that there is no viewfinder Pentax K-01 Camera the K, and it doesn't accept an external viewfinder either, relying instead on the LCD screen for composition. Located behind the shutter button is the unmarked silver e-dial, which is predominately used to change the aperture and shutter speed, while alongside are the Exposure Compensation and red Movie Record buttons.

The small green button is unique to Pentax K-01 Camera cameras. On the K it has two uses - firstly, when shooting in Manual mode, a single push of the green button allows you to instantly set the correct exposure for Pentax K-01 Camera subject, as calculated by the camera, useful if you need a starting point for your own exposure. Secondly, the K offers a Hyper Program function which instantly switches to either the Shutter-Priority or Aperture-Priority mode from the Program mode, simply by turning either of the control dials on the grip.

Pressing the Green button then returns to the Program mode.

Optical delusions: Pentax K TechRadar

Note that both the green and red buttons can be customised to suit your particular needs. There are also two well-designed strap eyelets on the left and right.

Pentax K-01 Camera Windows 8 Driver Download

The Pentax K follows conventional DSLR design by having a shooting mode dial on the top of the camera, which allows you to select either one of the advanced mode like Aperture-priority, Shutter-Priority and Manual, or the more point-and-shoot Auto and Program modes. Pentax K-01 Camera are 19 scene modes on this camera, signaling its intent as both a beginner-friendly and more serious photographic tool. The K also offers a Bulb mode for longer exposures than Pentax K-01 Camera seconds, a Flash Off mode and an HDR mode, which takes 3 se per ate shots at different exposures and aligns and combines them into a single image with greater dynamic range.

One the left-hand side is a handy Mic port for connecting an external microphone, again protected by a rubber cover. The camera Pentax K-01 Camera a good performance of over shots using the supplied rechargeable Li-ion battery before being depleted. There's also a metal tripod mount that's perfectly in-line with the centre of the lens mount.

Marc Newson's signature completes the bottom of the K The rear of the camera is dominated by the large 3 inch LCD screen.

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