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Asus Rampage IV Formula Mem TweakIt Driver

Asus Rampage IV Formula Intel X79 (Socket ) DDR3 Motherboard Quad Channel Memory Architecture Supports Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) - Multi-GPU Support Supports NVIDIA® 4-Way GPU TweakIt. Extreme Engine. Buy Asus Rampage IV Formula-BF3 only for Rs from only genuine Supports Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) GPU TweakIt. ASUS Rampage IV Formula Republic of Gamers - motherboard - ATX Tools Pro Standard, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, ROG CPU-Z, ROG Mem TweakIt Utility.

Asus Rampage IV Formula Mem TweakIt XP

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Asus Rampage IV Formula Mem TweakIt Driver

You of course have your driver DVD, in the same red color as the box. Being a flagship board the Rampage IV has a long list of things included with it. You get a small package of what Asus calls Q connectors, an adapter to make hooking up your front panel connections easier.

ASUS Rampage IV Formula Republic of Gamers, LGA 2011/Socket R, Intel Motherboard

In the second small bad you have your ProbeIt cable set for monitoring Asus Rampage IV Formula Mem TweakIt. Lastly in this photo you have the OC Key cable on the far left. Apart from the two flexible bridges you also have 3 and four way PCB bridges. Each port has a small label next to them. I also dig the ROG logo being included.

The black color should look good with all of the black cases on the market. One of the features of the Rampage IV is the ability to swap out the CPU mounting brackets to allow you to use your old cooling solutions. Here is the back brackets. A couple shots of the OC Key, we will cover this more later in the review.

And finally we have dug through the first box onto the second box with the board in it. As you can see the window is built into this box.

Asus Rampage IV Formula Mem TweakIt Windows 8 X64

But why wait any longer, lets dig in! Even better is the red and black theme all across the board. You have a total of one 8 pin and one 4 pin although they have half of the 8 pin covered meaning you will only need one 8 pin unless you are planning on pushing the power requirements for the CPU. Here in the top right corner of the board you can see they have placed the LED readout right next to one of many 4 pin Asus Rampage IV Formula Mem TweakIt headers one of two in this photo alone.

Asus Rampage IV Formula Mem TweakIt Drivers Windows

Below the LED there is a switch for Asus Rampage IV Formula Mem TweakIt mode, specifically designed to allow someone doing extreme overclocking to slow the overclock back down to cool things down temporally or to help with booting while overclocking. Moving down you have the sports car inspired Start button to turn your PC on and reset button.

Between the Start button and the ram slots you have six sets of pin headers for VGA Hot-Wire, a on board solution that gives you full adjustability when overclocking video cards.

Asus Rampage IV Formula Mem TweakIt Drivers Windows

They use Voltage Programming Indicators, which, when stopped at a particular LED indicated that specific voltage setting is the cause for the failed overclock. Just below the reset button there is a bright red box with four switches placed on it.

ASUS Rampage IV Formula and Rampage IV Gene

The four switches each turn off a PCIe x16 slot. The reason for this is to be able to quickly troubleshoot a failed VGA card while overclocking without Asus Rampage IV Formula Mem TweakIt to pull all of your cards out, something that when overclocking with LN2 can be a major pain. Also in this photo is something right out of the movie gone in 60 seconds, the go button.

This is yet another overclocking feature packed into the Rampage. The idea behind the go button is that you configure an overclocking profile in the BIOS and set it to the go button.


This allows you to boot up your PC and then push the button when you are ready to go with the overclock. Moving a little farther down the right side of the board you can see the 24 pin power connector. Alongside you have 10 small dots used for checking current PSU voltages.

QLED helps you troubleshoot booting issues by leaving the led on in the event there is an issue with any of them during post. You can spot another four pin fan header just above the red internal USB 3.

Asus RAMPAGE IV GENE User Manual

Just to the right of the fan header in this photo is also a two pin thermal probe connection. This large box with four connections could be a little puzzling to some. This is what Asus is calling Subzero Sense.

That have integrated two Type-K Probe digital thermometers onboard. This gives you the ability to keep a close eye on your temperatures with accuracy and on the fly when doing extreme overclocking with LN2. For SATA connections you have a total of eight internally. Of those eight, Asus Rampage IV Formula Mem TweakIt the black ports are running at SATA2 speeds.


The other four red ports are running at SATA3 speeds. This is helpful especially if you managed to mess up a BIOS reflash. Next you have all of the front panel connections. Last in this photo on the left side is yet another four pin fan header, these things are all over!

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