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Acer Aspire TC-100 AMD Chipset Driver

Acer Aspire TCUR12 Desktop Computer Intel Core i Processor GHz; Microsoft Windows 10 Home; 8GB DDR RAM; 1TB 7,RPM Hard. Aspire TC Specifications (v) (ID). 1. Aspire CPU. CPU and chipset. AMD A-Series quad-core processor A with AMD Radeon R4. Product Support for. Aspire TC Model Name: ATC . Part Number: . Find another model. Menu. Drivers and Manuals; Acer Answers; Community.

Drivers: Acer Aspire TC-100 AMD Chipset

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Acer Aspire TC-100 AMD Chipset Driver

HSA certainly has the potential to make a huge difference in processing speed and efficiency of certain tasks.

But we're emphasizing the potential of the tech rather than its current real-world advantages, because the latter are nascent at best. Software will have to be written or rewritten to take advantage of HSA. And the software industry is often slow to take advantage of new hardware abilities. For instance, the first multi-core desktop processors hit the market in Nine years later, we still often have to Acer Aspire TC-100 AMD Chipset to high-end content creation software as we do in our benchmark testing to really see the full benefit in software that takes advantage of all available CPU cores and processing threads.

And some common programs like iTunes still tax only a single core. So while HSA has the potential to speed up many tasks as well as making accomplishing Acer Aspire TC-100 AMD Chipset more energy efficientit will likely take at least a couple years before a substantial amount of software catches up, making HSA actually useful to the average consumer beyond a few isolated tasks. In the short-term, at least, HSA support isn't common enough to make it a major draw for mainstream users and budget gamers—the kind of users AMD's current APUs make the most sense for.

Acer Aspire TC-100 AMD Chipset Driver (2019)

CPU Performance Before we jump into the A's benchmark results, remember that the chip can be configured to run at either 45 or Acer Aspire TC-100 AMD Chipset watts, much Acer Aspire TC-100 AMD Chipset the closer-to-midrange A That's an important improvement, even if you don't plan on running at the lower setting, because the AKwhich is only slightly faster, as we're about to see, has a fixed thermal design power TDP rating of 95 watts.

Also, a note about our test beds. We tested all the chips we're comparing the Kaveri A to under Windows 8.

We also tested the Intel chips running the same RAM, but only at the fastest, lower speed officially supported by those chips. And the last-generation AK does a smidge better than the newer chip we're looking at here as well.

Product support

Media-Conversion Tests We then moved on to our media-crunching tests, Acer Aspire TC-100 AMD Chipset which we get to see what the performance boost looks like in real-world scenarios involving processing audio, video, and image files. First up is our sole single-threaded benchmark, our iTunes Conversion Test, which taxes only a single CPU core to convert an album's worth of files All else being equal, this test is sensitive to raw clock speed.

On this timed test, the A10's slightly slower clock speed hurts it, as does the underlying Bulldozer architecture, which has always struggled, relatively speaking, with single-threaded workloads. The A is close behind the AK, but it's left behind by Intel's Core i3 and Acer Aspire TC-100 AMD Chipset chips, and is slower than the previous-generation AK, as well.

ACER Aspire TC-100

We then subjected the A to video-conversion and photo-editing benchmarks, using two more pieces of multicore-aware software. We used the video-conversion utility Handbrake for the video test, converting a short test video file Acer Aspire TC-100 AMD Chipset Dug's Special Mission into an iPhone- and iPod-friendly format Here, the A managed to nearly catch the Core i3 chip, while just besting the A and the previous-generation AK.

Acer Aspire TC-100 AMD Chipset Driver

As usual, the power-hungrier AK was just slightly speedier. For Acer Aspire TC-100 AMD Chipset photo-editing trial, we fired up the seminal Adobe Photoshop CS6 which also makes use of multiple cores and subjected our stock Photoshop test image to a set of 11 filters run in sequence via an Actions file But the new A Acer Aspire TC-100 AMD Chipset once again landed a few seconds behind the last-gen AK, and finished more than a minute later than Intel's Core i Overall, CPU performance for the A isn't exactly stunning.

But it is close enough to that of the more expensive and power-hungry AK to make the latter chip a lesser value unless you're planning on overclocking and don't care much about power or heat output.

And on that front, the Kaveri A10 is certainly more impressive. Graphics Acer Aspire TC-100 AMD Chipset We started out our graphics testing with the version of Futuremark's 3DMark, specifically its high-end Fire Strike benchmark Acer Aspire TC-100 AMD Chipset, which is designed to measure a system's overall graphics capabilities. The A dominated most other chips here, keeping pace with the pricier AK… In the test's graphics subscore, which attempts to isolate graphics abilities from other component differences, the A nearly doubled the score of the costlier Core i, while pulling well ahead of the previous-generation AK, which itself was only slightly ahead of the newer Kaveri-based A

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