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Lenovo ThinkServer RD530 BMC Driver

IPMI compliant baseboard management controller (BMC);. KVM model(s): add-on Lenovo® ThinkServer® RD with " disk bay*. Hello, I have just purchased a Lenovo RD server. I updated the bios and BMC to version per the VMware HCL and went to do an. Lenovo ThinkServer RD BMC Utility,ThinkServer RD BMC Update Utility,ThinkServer RD Baseboard Management Controller Utility,ThinkServer.

Lenovo ThinkServer RD530 BMC Driver Windows XP

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Lenovo ThinkServer RD530 BMC Driver

Page 14 Figure 3. There are several tabs on the vertical toolbar which is on the left pane of the ThinkServer RemoteManagement Module home page.

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By clicking these tabs, you can get the specific system information andtake the relevant tasks listed in the following table: Page Lenovo ThinkServer RD530 BMC There is a Refresh button on the right pane. Click this button to refresh the current page. Log-outTo log out the ThinkServer Remote Management Module and turn back to the log on page, click Logout onthe right top of the program home page.

If the Web console detects no user activity within fifteen minutes, the currentsession will be automatically terminated. If the user has opened the KVM remote console window, then theWeb session will not automatically timeout.

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Page 17 Chapter 5. Remote console KVM operationThe remote console is the redirection screen, keyboard, and mouse of the remote host system with aThinkServer Remote Management Module installed. When the remote console is startup, a new window will be Lenovo ThinkServer RD530 BMC, showing the screen of the host system.

Lenovo ThinkServer RD530 BMC Driver FREE

Fit the window mode. Macros menu of the remote consoleBy clicking the Macros option on the menu bar of the remote console, you can take the following operations: Allow simulating to press these special keys on the remote keyboard.

Lenovo RD : Server User Manual

Onthe local keyboard, these special keys will be carried out through local operating system, rather thantransfer to the remote operation system. Page 19 Chapter Lenovo ThinkServer RD530 BMC. ThinkServer Remote Management Module Webconsole optionsThis topic describes every page of the Web console and each page is divided into several partscorresponding separately to the several tabs at the left side of the pane.

Lenovo ThinkServer RD530 BMC Drivers Windows 7

To locate the connectors, refer to the related topics in Locations on page Video subsystem An integrated graphics controller is available Lenovo ThinkServer RD530 BMC your storage product to support the DisplayPort connectors for connecting video devices. The Ethernet connector is for system management. You can install an Ethernet card or an AnyFabric adapter to enable more Ethernet connectors.

Lenovo ThinkServer RD530 BMC Treiber Windows 7

Lenovo ThinkServer RD530 BMC However, you must install a device driver to enable the operating system to recognize the Ethernet connectors. The device drivers are available for download at: For more information, see Rear view of the storage product on page Reliability, availability, and serviceability Reliability, availability, and serviceability hereinafter referred to as RAS are three important storage product design features.

The RAS features help you to ensure the integrity of the data stored on the storage product, the availability of the storage product when you need it, and the ease with which you can diagnose and correct problems. Your storage Lenovo ThinkServer RD530 BMC has the following RAS features: Product overview 9 24 Security features Administrator password and user password to help protect unauthorized access to the storage product see Using passwords on page 40 Remote monitoring or control by an administrator to provide protection or help Hot-swap redundant power supplies to help avoid significant interruption to the operation of Lenovo ThinkServer RD530 BMC system when a power supply fails Six hot-swap system fans with redundancy to help you to avoid significant cooling problems when a system fan fails An intrusion switch that informs you that the storage product cover is not properly installed or closed by creating an event in the system event log SEL Basic system management features Ability to store the power-on self-test POST hardware test results BIOS Setup Utility program The BIOS Setup Utility program helps you view the storage product information and configure the storage product in the pre-operating system environment.

Lenovo ThinkServer RD530 instruction manual and user guide

See Using the Setup Utility program on page The TSM is a management chip that is integrated on the system board of your storage product. With the TSM, no matter what condition the storage product operating system is in and no matter if Lenovo ThinkServer RD530 BMC storage product is on or off, as long as the storage product is connected to network and an ac power source, the interaction with the TSM-controlled storage products can be achieved through system network.

The user can obtain the storage product hardware health information and system event log SELand is able to conduct the operations including turning on or off the storage product, restarting the storage product, and so on. This part of storage product management is independent of the operating system and is called out-of-band management.

The system board platform management subsystem consists of the integrated TSM, communication Lenovo ThinkServer RD530 BMC, sensors, the BIOS, and storage product management firmware. It is responsible for error reporting, system power control, thermal monitoring, system fan control, and other management features. IPMI helps lower the overall costs of storage product management. You can find more information about IPMI 2.

Hot-swap feature Your storage product supports hot-swap storage drives including hard disk drives and solid-state driveshot-swap system fans, and hot-swap redundant power supplies.

Lenovo ThinkServer System Manager Defult Username and Password

With the hot-swap feature, you can install, remove, or replace a hot-swap device without turning off the storage product. Lenovo ThinkServer RD530 BMC Execution Environment PXE The Intel PXE technology enables you to boot your storage products, load an operating system, or deploy executable images from a remote storage product by using a network interface.

The operation can be done independently of local data storage devices such as hard disk drives or operating systems. Software programs For more information about the software programs, see Software on page Wake on LAN When the Wake on LAN feature is enabled on a storage product that is connected to a LAN, a network administrator can remotely turn on or Lenovo ThinkServer RD530 BMC up the storage product from a management console using remote network management software.

Besides, Lenovo ThinkServer RD530 BMC other functions, such as data transfer and software updates, can be performed remotely without remote attendance and can be done after normal working hours and on weekends to save time and increase productivity.

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