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Alienware M11x Notebook Atheros AR8132 LAN Driver

Atheros AR PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller (10/MBit), Dell Wireless 81% Review Alienware M11x Subnotebook Notebookcheck .. who typically lug or inch notebooks to LAN parties, even consider an inch. Free Download Dell Alienware M11x Notebook Drivers, replace the "" in the Atheros AR LAN 10/, v, A Alienware M11X windows 7 32 home premium core 2 duo intel SSD 4gb Ram Atheros AR Lan 10/ So i had a fresh install of windows 7 done, whatsoever so im a little pissed seeing as how its a gaming laptop.

Driver for Alienware M11x Notebook Atheros AR8132 LAN

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Alienware M11x Notebook Atheros AR8132 LAN Driver

Not quite the performance upgrade we hoped for, but still the ultimate ultra-light laptop for games Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: CNet One of 's laptop surprises, the Alienware M11x offered something new to challenge the divide between gaming PCs and regular computers. Equipped with Nvidia Optimus technology and new Core i5 and i7 processors, the updated Single Review, online available, Long, Date: We were hugely impressed by what was a high-spec gaming laptop squeezed into the body of a portable netbook.

Alienware M11x Notebook Atheros AR8132 LAN Drivers PC

Now the M11x is back, and it's been kitted out with Intel's Core i series processors, as well as Nvidia's Optimus graphics technology. Alienware's updated M11x gaming netbook is just as portable as before, but its gaming performance will melt your mind even more.

Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: Laptop Mag We were excited to test out the Alienware M11x with Optimus, and the system really satisfies. Coupled with a Core i7 processor, the Nvidia graphics produced the highest frame rates we've seen in a system this size--not to mention more than 5 hours of battery life.

While we were dismayed by the fact that our first review sample froze, the second system sent to us by Alienware allayed our concerns. Overall, the M11x is an ultra-powerful and ultra-stylish PC you can take anywhere.

PC Mag It takes guts to make a gaming rig out of a laptop the size of a netbook, but Alienware seem to have found a good recipe. A drop-dead gorgeous design and impressive lighting effects are the foundations of this gaming laptop.

Alienware M11x - External Reviews

Mind you, it won't trump the performance of an Alienware M15x Core i7 though it can still run multimedia tasks well and caters to a different audience than an Asus U30Jc-1A. But the Alienware M11x Core i7 will get a nod from me every time gaming and travel are used in the same sentence. Single Review, online available, Short, Date: The Rs 98, machine which we tested is completely over the top, and you obviously have some very good options.

Alienware M11x Notebook Atheros AR8132 LAN Driver FREE

Digital Versus Alienware has managed to pull off the combination of stamina and performance in an attractive, comfortable ultra-portable laptop. The M11x mostly does well, but its main weakness is a glossy screen without much contrast, which loses it its fifth star.

It's still a great choice for mobile gamers who don't want Alienware M11x Notebook Atheros AR8132 LAN huge 4 kg machine and who fancy having the extra battery life for doing other things with their laptop. Gamers however can still puchase and download games from online game distribution services like Steam, which comes pre-installed on the M11X. Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: The new chips are definitely faster - the Core i7 especially - and even though they're cost more in terms of money and battery life, they do make a noticeable difference.

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The Core i7-based Alienware m11x felt extremely snappy, with zero menu lag and quick dialog boxes; the extra CPU power will also likely come in handy in smoothing out CPU-intensive games like Shattered Horizon. Reg Hardware The Alienware M11x is difficult to score comparatively.

But the M11x deserves the niche it's carving for itself with Alienware M11x Notebook Atheros AR8132 LAN forthcoming Core i5 and i7 models adding to its appeal. Considering its weight and dimensions, this is, indeed, a truly mobile gaming notebook with an excellent battery life for such a capable machine. Maximum PC Aesthetically, the M11x sports touches befitting a gaming notebook: The biggest being the lack of an optical drive. Been using 17" Dell systems for years but the battery life attracted me with this system.

Alienware M11x

Portability WITH power was appealing. I was sick and tired of carrying heavy I stumbled onto this little thing when i was watching the CES show and since then i was waiting for it to come out.

Download Driver: Alienware M11x Notebook Atheros AR8132 LAN

I had some money problems when it came out but Alienware M11x Notebook Atheros AR8132 LAN was able to get it after i managed the troubles i had. If you want an SSD and a complimentary stroke, then that'll set you back by Rs. Even the standard pricing is quite excessive and a 50K price tag would have been reasonable. PC Pro The final stumbling block is that price. Do away with the SSD in favour of a bog-standard mechanical drive, however, and the M11x is an entirely different prospect.

Dell Alienware M11x Windows 7 Drivers

Single Review, online available, Length Unknown, Date: A pricey revolution in ultra portable PC gaming. Trusted Reviews Arguably the Alienware M11x is the first true gaming laptop. Not only can it play games well, it can be used on the move just like any normal laptop - more so than most, in fact, as its battery life is among the best in the market.

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