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HP G60-104XX Notebook Atheros WLAN Driver

There is a known issue with these laptops where suddenly Wireless connection is not working. There is a Missing: G ‎XX ‎Atheros. Download HP GXX Notebook PC Drivers for Windows 10, , 8, 7, Vista and XP 64 bit Network, Atheros Wireless LAN Driver, Windows Vista (bit). HP G60 - read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Compaq Presario CQ60 Notebook PC. HP G60 Notebook PC. Maintenance.

HP G60-104XX Notebook Atheros WLAN Drivers for Windows Mac

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HP G60-104XX Notebook Atheros WLAN Driver

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This scanning process is what we needed to defeat — we wanted to cause the BIOS to move on instead of recognizing that our unauthorized Atheros PCI card is in the system. After a little more time, we found the pinouts for these sorts of card.

HP GXX Notebook PC Drivers Download and Update for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista

However, this is entirely useless without knowing how the pin numbers are assigned. We first tried linearly going from left to right on the component side of the board i.

HP G60-104XX Notebook Atheros WLAN Download Driver

We painstakingly counted out 48 pins, placed some Scotch tape over the HP G60-104XX Notebook Atheros WLAN pin, and used an Exacto knife to remove the excess. We placed the freshly-modified wireless card in the system and powered up. The identification bits appeared to be similar to the wireless card's, but one particular bit was cleared.

Evidently the pin that we masked was a pin that carried data, not the IDSEL pin that we were looking for.

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We HP G60-104XX Notebook Atheros WLAN tried a few other permutations, including starting on the bottom, starting on the right top, and starting on the right bottom. Unfortunately, none of those worked. Just as we were about to give up, we got one more idea — and we had a way to test it. One of the signatures that we could use to determine whether we had the pins correct on the card without masking a pin and inserting into the system was the pattern of grounds.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) HP G60 Laptop User Manual

We could do a continuity check between the metal shield on the card and the pins that we believe to be ground on the card, and get an audible indication as to whether our hypothesis was correct. HP G60-104XX Notebook Atheros WLAN briefly tested this by running through the pin orders that we knew to be incorrect, and sure enough, the grounds were not where we expected them.

At that point, we found some information on the web that led us to believe that the pins alternated on the card edge header - for example, pin 1 is on the left side of the component side; pin 2 is immediately under pin 1; pin 3 is to the right of pin 1; pin 4 is immediatly under pin 3; and so on. We decided to HP G60-104XX Notebook Atheros WLAN this one more pattern before looking for a new pin-out.

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It turned out, in fact, that the grounds were in the right place using that method. We cut out a piece of tape HP G60-104XX Notebook Atheros WLAN cover pin 48 with which we found to be immediately to the left of two grounds on top of each other, making it very easy to recognizeand inserted it into Chris' system. Much to our surprise, the system successfully booted, and the card was not detected by Linux — exactly in line with our expectations for a disabled IDSEL pin.

On our board, there was a clearly defined trace running on the solder side of the board from the IDSEL trace to a via. This was as ideal as it gets — the trace was in plain sight, and fairly decently far away from other traces no worries about cutting more traces than we expectedand we had two nice size pads HP G60-104XX Notebook Atheros WLAN solder our wire to.

We used an exacto blade that we actuated by hand to cut the trace.

It took substantially more force and effort than one might've expected for such a thin line. Still, after a while, we successfully sawed through it.

To free up the via to solder to, we put the tip of the knife in the middle and lightly turned it around to remove some of the solder mask. Once enough of a pad was made accessible to solder to, we cut and stripped a piece of 30ga wire, and tacked it down with a SMD soldering tip.

HP G60-104XX Notebook Atheros WLAN Windows

Finally, when the connections tested to be proper, we placed a small dot of hot glue on to to keep them in place. On the other ends of the 30ga wire, we soldered on a normally-closed switch, to be depressed on boot time. It was then the moment of truth — time to insert the card.

HP G60-104XX Notebook PC Drivers Download

Chris inserted the freshly-modified card into his system and powered it up while holding down the switch. Sure enough, the system booted to a GRUB prompt, at which point he released the switch.

HP G60-104XX Notebook Atheros WLAN Drivers for Windows 10

Future plans The majority of this experiment was performed over the course of three hours. Our goal was to keep this project as simple as possible for the time being, and add more features later if need be. We anticipate a few problems, however, when we scale this design up.

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